Paver Sealer

Our brick and stone paver sealer process is important for the protection of pavers as well as the aesthetics/appearance.


Our Sealer is a Water Based 2 Part Urethane Commercial Grade Product. Our Sealer is a Non Slip, Mold and Mildew Resistant, Sealer that Protects Against Stains, Spills, Sun and Fading and also Preserves Color and Enhances Appearance.


Our specialized Sealer Spray Application system ensures even and consistent coverage throughout.

Recently the sealer industry has seen a number of inexperienced and sham companies attempting to do sealer work. This is a process that has to be taken seriously for the following reasons:

  • • A sealer application that is not done properly will become milky and cloudy with time and is expensive and difficult to remove and repair.
  • • It is important that sealer used for driveways be a commercial high traffic product rather than a cheap Home Depot type product that will only last 6 months or less.
  • • The area to be sealed must be cleaned and prepped properly
  • • Sham companies will try to cut sealer with water or xylene to stretch the sealer and put it on thin to cut cost and show low prices. This may look good the day they leave with your check but in a few months you have nothing left and they are gone never to return your calls.

As a response to this many customers have become wary. Our answer to this is to stand behind all of our sealer work with a 24 month warranty.