Residential Exterior Pressure Washing

At Nu-Look we treat your property like it’s our own, as if we are the customer, taking care and concern for details. We interested in long term relationships not a quick one time deal. We want you to be part of our vast customer base and to see you on a regular basis.

At NuLook we know cleaning...and we know that good cleaning has more to do with proper training, good technique and the proper cleaning solutions than simply blasting away with a pressure washer. Our philosophy is to use as little pressure and chemical as possible to achieve the desired result.

There are many ways to clean. The type of surface we are addressing and what is being removed is certainly important in considering the proper process and approach. We must also consider an equally important question: In addition to the area being addressed, what types of surrounding and adjacent areas are to be considered? Is there any landscape, wood framework, faux stone or foam trim etc. that might be easily damaged?

Just because someone owns a pressure washer doesn’t mean that they are experienced and capable of pressure cleaning. With commercial grade equipment and solutions it is easy to damage property and landscape. All of our employees complete our 6 month apprentice program before they are allowed to work with the equipment. All of our crews are 2 and 3 man crews. More eyes, minds and experience on each job mean a better final product. Our crew leaders all have 5 to 15 years of experience.